Eugene native, father of 7, takes on 'American Ninja Warrior'

EUGENE, Ore. - You can call 42-year-old Kerry Collins your "modern day ninja."

He has some sweet skills.

Like 2-finger bicep curls - with 120 pounds.

Also: 2-finger pushups (to be accurate: 2 fingers from the same hand, the other hand behind his back).

He can do handstands on almost anything - like his roof, two stories above his hometown.

Collins hopes his skills will be enough to win the title of American Ninja Warrior on a reality TV show filled with intense obstacle courses.

"They consider it the toughest course in the world," said Collins.

"American Ninja Warrior" is based off the Japanese show "Sasuke," which has been around for more than a decade.

Thousands have tried to make it past all four stages of obstacles; only three have been successful.

Collins made the cut during the initial casting call. He created a video showcasing his talents and was selected to travel to Denver this weekend to compete in obstacles.

If he makes it past Denver, he will head to Las Vegas for the finals.

"I've seen the strongest go on there, some of the strongest NFL players in years past have went on there and went off at the quad steps," said Collins.

The father of 7 children hopes to inspire people, both young and old.

"Don't give up: 40, 50, doesn't matter how old you are. Get out there and do something," he said.