Looking for a place to stay during the eclipse? Visit Scio

The City of Scio still has hundreds of campsites open for eclipse weekend. (SBG)

SCIO, Ore. -- Nearly every hotel and campsite in the path of totality is booked for the solar eclipse, but the City of Scio is trying to get the word out that they still have space.

"This is known as Vogel camping area," Nadji Vogel said, and, "This is the Rebekah's Campground," Katrina Clouse said as they showed off their campsites two weeks before the eclipse.

Between those two campgrounds in Scio, there's room for about 220 reservations, but they've only received 16.

"We barely filled the parking area," Vogel said. "Maybe it's because they don't expect to find anything in Scio; I don't know."

So they're getting the word out that even though it's small, the place is happenin'.

"Scio is really a lovely place to be and when you come here, you know it," Vogel said.

It has clear views, she says: "It won't be like you're surrounded by tall buildings and concrete; you'll have open fields."

There's also a beautiful, historic dance hall.

"We hope to have this filled with 200 or 220 people eating dinner, enjoying music and dancing," interim City Manager Ginger Allen said.

And they have a raffle for two eclipse-themed quilts.

"It's based on an actual solar eclipse and it's showing the corona," the designer Roger Gaither said.

They want to share it all with anyone who wants to come.

"We want people to know Scio is open for business. We are the best kept secret in Oregon," Allen said.

"We've got a lot planned but, boy, we're ready for the people now," Clouse said.

Because what good are empty campsites and an empty dance hall when there's the possibility of so much more?

You can find all of the information on campsites and events through Scio's Eclipse website.

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