Tasty Tuesday: Vanilla Jill's

Stepping into Vanilla Jill's Scoops and Soups is like stepping into a classic ice cream parlor. But, of course, this is Eugene We live to innovate.

As co-owner Megan Stevens battled her health problems through her diet, she decided to turn her classic parlor upside down.

"So yeah, we have a whole paleo line of ice creams. And we also have paleo breads, so we make paleo sandwiches and paleo baked goods," Megan told me.

Eating paleo means no precessed sugar, no grains, no legumes, and mostly no dairy. You might ask, how the heck do you make ice cream from that? Just ask Pheobe.

Pheobe is their ice cream making machine. We got to see Pheobe working hard on one of their paleo flavors, blueberry spirulina. Spirulina is a type of algae.

"So it's got an organic coconut milk base, and then it's got local organic blueberries, and then it's got a great nutritional profile with the spirulina added in," Megan said.

From traditional to vegan to paleo ice cream, it's clear Vanilla Jill's has plenty of scoops- and they have plenty of soups, too. One of their specialties is bone broth. It's made from, yes, you guessed it. Beef bones.

"Out of the bones when you boil them with sea salt, you get minerals and collagen and gelatin, all of which are very healing for the gut lining," Megan said.

And while Megan does follow a paleo diet, at Vanilla Jill's, she also embraces the not-so-healthy with cocktail specials and more traditional ice cream.

And we have really traditional flavors like mint chocolate chip and vanilla, and then we have really fun flavors like lavender and crème fresh




that's one of our things. Buying locally and buying organically. And so we have so much fun during certain seasons getting unusual fruits that are offered to us. Or just like, apples are in season, we'll make an apply pie flavor.

I started having some health problems after my third child was born, and so we started using honey and maple syrup at home as our only sweeteners, which of course, gave us the idea to do the same thing at the shop.

a lot of times, it's nice because people are like, oh, I can get a cocktail while my kids get ice cream? That's awesome. So yeah, it's helpful

a russian or irish mudslide or a lavender tom collins. We do one where we combine cider and kombucha

Vanilla Jill's may look like a classic cream shop, but it's so much more than that.

Vanilla Jill's Scoops & Soups

298 Blair Blvd, Eugene

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