Tasty Tuesday: Toxic Wings & Fries

Getting spicy at Toxic Wings & Fries! Photo by Ellen Meny.

When my photographer challenged me to try and find the spiciest chicken wings in Eugene, I was feeling a bit masochistic that day- so I agreed.

That's what brought me to Toxic Wings & Fries. I was browsing their website, reading their list of flavors, when I noticed four "Off the Menu" flavors- with names like Black Mamba and Ghost Pepper. Dangerously spicy wings- perfect!

Toxic doesn't just specialize in spicy. They whip up killer burgers and fries, and have a solid list of chicken wing flavors ranging from Teriyaki to Apricot Chipotle.

Their spiciest on the menu sauce, called Toxic, is spicy- but it won't singe your eyebrows off. It's a pleasantly hot flavor that still allows you to enjoy the chicken wings.

"It's a flavorful hot," manager Devon Ingram told me. "It's hot and spicy, but it's not going to burn your mouth off. We just wanted it to be enjoyable to eat."

The Black Mamba wings- those are the off the menu spicy wings- those tell a different story. They're coated with a chocolate habanero puree. Even before you taste them, the smell hits your nose and makes you shrink back. I think I may have lost a few nose hairs.

But the real question of the episode...How did I react to the Black Mamba wings!?

You'll have to watch Tasty Tuesday to find out...

Toxic Wings & Fries

943 River Road

Toxic Food Truck Location Varies


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