Tasty Tuesday: Toshi's Ramen

This isn't the ramen you ate in college. Photo by Ellen Meny.

For some people, ramen has a bad rap.

They think of ramen as something in plastic packets- dry, crumbly, of questionable quality.

One bite of Toshi's Ramen, and you'll reconsider.

"Oh, oh yeah. A lot of people think, is this just like Top Ramen and it's not. It's another other tier above," Toshi Ramen's chef Jason Waldrip told us.

Toshi's Ramen owner, Toshi, grew up in Japan. He's always had an appreciation for noodles, and that appreciation eventually became a restaurant. When you think of Toshi's Ramen, think rich broth and fresh, chewy noodles made in house.

Toshi's has three main types of broth. Miso, shio and shoyu. All of them are doctored with topping like bamboo shoots, seaweed, fresh garlic and their marinated cha-shu pork. You can even get butter on your ramen, something that both I and the folks at Toshi's encourage.

"It kind of just adds a nice richness, it gives a little bit more of a creamier texture with the noodles," Jason said.

Yes, Toshi's Ramen is more expensive than pre-packaged, store-bought ramen. But, the price matches the quality- what you're getting at Toshi's is fresh, delicious and made with care.

So consider throwing away your ramen packet...and instead, heading to Toshi's Ramen.

Toshi's Ramen

1520 Pearl St, Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 683-7833

KVAL's Tasty Tuesday brings you what to eat and where to eat it around Lane County and beyond. Tasty Tuesday is hosted by KVAL reporter Ellen Meny. Want to suggest Ellen a restaurant? Contact her at or find Tasty Tuesday on Facebook and Twitter.

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