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Tasty Tuesday: SweetBay Shave Ice

The Dole Shave Ice at SweetBay Shave Ice! Photo by Ellen Meny.

SweetBay Shave Ice makes its home in Oakmont Park. It's a popular spot for playground parents and their tots after a sunny day of play. And after a long, rainy and sometimes icy winter, the people of Eugene seem ready for some refreshing shave ice on a hot day.

"Generally, just speaking, people are super happy. The smile on the kids face, and adults too," SweetBay co-owner Kelly Prusz said.

Shave ice is different than a snowcone or a snowball. It's all about the texture.

"A snowcone is crunchy and shave ice is literally going to melt in your mouth. It's like snow, its powdery," Kelly said.

SweetBay has 24 flavors, ranging from favorites like Blue Raspberry, to more unique tastes like Lavender. They also do sugar-free and dye-free flavors. Kelly told me they also like to have some fun with special monthly flavors.

Like pickle.

Yes, pickle!

While I passed on pickle this Tasty Tuesday, I did get to try some of their other icy delights- like their delicious Pineapple Whip shave ice and their beautiful Hawaiian Rainbow shave ice.

Want to see them? Click play on the video above.

SweetBay Shave Ice

Oakmont Park (2295 Oakmont Way)


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