Tasty Tuesday: Sundial Cafe

If you're gluten-free, you would normally think you can't have things like fish and chips, or enchiladas, or even white bread. But I bring good news- miracles do happen! You can have all of those things and more at the 100% gluten-free Sundial Cafe.

Alex Moon owns Sundial Cafe. She follows a gluten-free diet- and that's what inspired her to create the restaurant.

"To have one place where you can go and order anything you want off the menu is important," Alex told me.

As the old saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention".

"Well, it was kind of a selfish reason. I wanted a place that I could walk in and eat anything off the menu," Alex said.

For customers, Alex's selfishness is selfless. Sundial's menu caters to cravings that many of its diners can't normally indulge.

"I was definitely going for that comfort element because there's a lot of dishes that contain gluten that people who are gluten free can't find here in Eugene," Alex said.

Some menu favorites include vegan Sweet Potato Enchiladas and Sunny Side Baked Eggs. The Sweet Potato Enchiladas are a delicious combination of mashed yams, gluten-free tortillas, enchilada sauce, vegan cheese and guacamole.

"I just tried to have foods that I really like to eat," Alex said. "Again, being a little selfish."

So whether you're gluten-free or a gluten fan, Sundial Cafe has something for everyone.

Sundial Cafe

2435 Hilyard St, Eugene

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