Tasty Tuesday: Sporks A La Cart

Sporks A La Cart is a food truck that hopes its customers, "eat well and prosper"! Photo by Ellen Meny.

Much like a spork is a fusion of a fork and a spoon, Sporks A La Cart's food is a fusion in its own right.

"It's a Southeast Asian fusion," explained owner and chef Francine Austin. "I love the flavors of Asia and all of the different cultures."

But Francine and Sporks co-owner Aaron Porter take it one step further. While they have some classic dishes, like Thai Chicken Basil, when they say fusion- they really mean it.

"It's a good mix of everything she's known, and then I throw in, 'Hey, this is kind of an American deal, you want to put that in there?' And then in just combines really, really well," Aaron said.

For instance, their popular sandwich, the Bulgogi hoagie. It's a delicious Frankenstein creation with two very different inspirations.

"Well, this is where Korea meets Philadelphia. That's the fusion part of it," Aaron said.

It's served on a toasted hoagie roll and piled high with teriyaki beef, cheese arugula, and several toppings. Delicious!

Not Sporks' real claim to fame are their Moinks.

The name is a combination of moo...and oink!

"We're kind of know for the Moinks. It's a meatball wrapped in bacon, and then deep fried," Aaron said.

After the deep fryer, the Moink takes a dip in barbecue sauce. If you order this, you might want to grab some napkins, too. The Moink can get a little messy.

So whether you're in the mood for a monster sandwich or a Moink, Sporks A La Cart brings a fresh, unique flavor to Eugene's food truck scene.

Sporks A La Cart

777 W 6th Avenue (Inside the Beergarden Patio)

(541) 760-8483

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