Tasty Tuesday: Sammitch

Servin' up Sammitches! Photo by Ellen Meny.

Consider the sandwich. Is it the world's most perfect food? I went to the Sammitch food truck to find out.

You really can't miss the food truck thanks to its awesome art-custom designed, black and white, splashed with color. It's eye-catching and bright.

And the sandwiches are pretty hard to miss, too.

Sammitch owner KC Brooks has a long history with the sandwich...or the sammitch, as he calls it.

"Sandwiches just seemed to be the constant. It's like, 'let's put it between bread, oh, that sounds good'," KC told me. "And then 'sammitch' is what me and one of my best friends Sarah, we always used to go get a sandwich every single lunch that we could."

KC's love of sandwiches has followed him to his food truck, where he and his crew whip up creations like the ORGASmitch Meatloaf burger, and the PesTURKular, a grilled turkey sandwich with grilled peaches and brie.

But it's not just sandwiches they serve. KC and his crew have an affinity for deep frying things you may not expect to be plunked in the fryer. Mushrooms, for example- dipped in tempura batter and fried up crispy. Highly recommended if you love mushrooms!

They also serve deep fried Oreos, Nutter Butters and much more. They're just another example of Samitch's creativity both outside and inside the truck.


Check their Facebook page for locations


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