Tasty Tuesday: Pasta Gardner

Fresh pasta, made right here in Lane County, coming right up! Photo by Ellen Meny.

You need just a few ingredients to make Pasta Gardner pasta. Combine a few years of learning culinary arts in Italy, one large kitchen at Food for Lane County, and one man named Jeff Gardner.

"I came back here and I decided that no one is doing extruded pasta. And I wanted to use something local," Pasta Gardner owner Jeff Gardner said.

Just flour, water and whatever mix-in Jeff wants go into his pasta-producing machine. The machine is imported from Italy, and large enough to handle Pasta Gardner's growing popularity.

"It's America, go big, right? Why get a medium size when I might have to upgrade eventually?" Jeff said.

To make the pasta, Jeff loads the flour into the first compartment and then let's the machine work its magic. After that, with just the turn of a crank, the gears start to shift and that crumbly mixture becomes fresh, beautiful, hypnotizing pasta.

Seriously, I couldn't stop looking at it.

Jeff cranks out several types of pasta.

"So, I've got fennel, coriander pasta, kale and garlic, Jimmy Nardello..." Jeff explained.

From bright green kale garlic pasta to muted orange Jimmy Nardello pepper pasta- Jeff keeps his flavors as unique as their shapes.

"I like to be slightly different," Jeff said.

It's a plan that works for Jeff and his pasta.

Pasta Gardner

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