Tasty Tuesday: Party Downtown

This Tasty Tuesday, I take you to a party...but not just any party! Photo by Ellen Meny

This Tasty Tuesday, I'm taking you to a party. But it's not just any party- this one is a Party Downtown.

The festivity of food kicked off in downtown Eugene about 3 and a half years ago.

"When we started, we said that we just cook food that we want to eat," Co-owner and Chef Tiffany Norton said.

What Tiffany and her coworkers want to eat are delicious, creative and local dishes- triple threats! For instance, their smoked beet salad.

"It's got blue cheese yogurt on the bottom, smoked beets that'll be tossed in an apple cider vinaigrette, topped with watercress and then pickled apple and crispy beets on top," Tiffany explained.

Party Downtown's menu tends to change depend on what's in season. It's something Tiffany says is really important to them.

"Like, this is our lives, so it's important to us to surround ourselves with people we like and love and want to be around, and a lot of that is our purveyors," Tiffany said.

One mainstay of their menu is something called 'the son-in-law egg'. This dish is a riff on a Thai recipe decorated with fried shallots and cilantro. It's deep-fried duck egg with a quince caramel.

But perhaps their most loved dish is a little less Pacific Northwest and a little more South.

Fried chicken.

"One year for my birthday, the kitchen made me fried chicken and so we were like, 'oh, we should sell fried chicken obviously'!" Tiffany said.

From Thai-inspired eggs, to smokey beets so smokey...they fogged up our KVAL camera! Party Downtown is a culinary celebration, and I just had to crash it.

Party Downtown

64 W 8th Alley, Eugene, OR 97401


(Open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday at 5pm)

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