Tasty Tuesday: Eugene Jianbing

One bing to rule them all? Photo by Ellen Meny.

One bing to rule them all, one bing to find them. One bing to bring them all, and in deliciousness bind them.

Forgive me, J. R. R. Tolkien.

Jianbing is an extremely popular Chinese street food. To the unfamiliar, it kind of looks like a Chinese breakfast burrito. It's a beloved street snack that enchanted Springfield local Jackson Hoyt when he studied in China.

"First, I just started making it for my friends and stuff, and they were like, 'wow, this is good, this is really, really good'," Jackson explained. "I always wanted to do a food cart."

Jianbing has dozens of varieties across China.

"Everywhere in China, jianbing is a little bit different," Jackson said.

Generally, it starts with a crepe coated in a thin layer of fried egg and a variety of spices. Jackson adds romaine lettuce, cilantro, green onion and sweet soybean paste to the crepe.

Perhaps the two most important components of the bing are the meat and the crunchy cracker. Jackson offers fillings like bacon, beef hot-dog and pork belly. The final addition is a crunch carb- either a wanton cracker or a type of savory Chinese doughnut.

"They're different. One's more like a chip crunch, and one's more like a crispy, chewy doughnut crunch," Jackson said. "And that's one nice thing about my menu, you can kind of build your own and kind of tell me how you like it."

Eugene Jianbing is still a very new food cart, but judging by its popularity, jianbing is quickly becoming the next big thing.

Eugene JianBing

446 E 13th Ave, Eugene

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