Tasty Tuesday: Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery

Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery. Photo by Ellen Meny.

Dang, Da Nang!

Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery is awesome. I don't need corny puns or cheap jokes to convey that.

Da Nang is housed in the Oregon Wine Lab. Summer. Wine. Delicious Vietnamese food. What could be better?

Owners Tony Ngo and James Ngo are passionate about their Vietnamese heritage and culture, and that passion shines through in the food they serve at Da Nang. From grilled chicken rice boats to their weekly pho special, the little truck does food right.

"We've taken trips to Vietnam, and we've seen how people, you know, do it over there, how they eat, how they interact around food and the dinner table and so we really just wanted to recreate that kind of feeling," Tony said.

Da Nang makes that feeling a reality with a small but excellent menu. Grilled chicken and steak, or tofu in a rich tomato sauce. Rice, vermicelli noodles, salad or a bon mi sandwich. Pick two, combine them... heaven. The food is simple and fresh and delicious.

At Da Nang, simple isn't a bad thing, because Vietnamese cuisine is already very complex.

"The term fusion gets thrown around a lot nowadays, but the thing is, Vietnamese food is a naturally fusion food, because all of the occupations and the conflict and turmoil that the country has gone through with different countries occupying it," Tony said. "So Vietnamese cuisine has evolved and we've taken traits from other cultures and we've integrated it into our own food."

Tony explained that Da Nang has two big goals. One, make good food. And two, use that good food to make people happy.

"Food should be welcoming, inviting, make people feel good. It should be nurturing people," Tony said. "That's what food is, right? It's supposed to nurture people."

KVAL's next Tasty Tuesday episode, airing on June 7th in the 5 a.m., 6 a.m., 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts, takes you to Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery.

Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery

488 Lincoln St. Eugene Oregon 97401 (Oregon Wine Lab)

(541) 915-0144

Sunday 12-3

Monday- Saturday 12-2 | 5-8

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