Tasty Tuesday: Chiefs Brew House

In the little town of Coburg lies a restaurant with some very big sandwiches- Chiefs Brew House!

I've heard a lot of good things about Chiefs Brew House, so I had to check it out. Creamy clam chowder, crispy fries and monster sandwiches- if you've got a big appetite, you've come to the right place.

Owner Rachelle Hogan showed me one of their classic favorites, the brisket sandwich. It's made with brisket they smoke in-house.

"We have a brisket sandwich, just with good old house barbecue that we're known for, comes on a nice bun, and that's it. Plain and simple,"

The brisket is spiced, smoked and turned into all sorts of delicious delights. One prime example? The brisket Philly cheese steak.

"Using the smoked brisket is kind of what makes our difference in the Philly cheese steak," manager James Owens explained. "So it's going to taste pretty traditional to a Philly cheese steak, but the flavor of brisket is going to give a little extra pizzaz to it. So you'll know where you got it."

Brisket grilled with onions and green peppers, and smothered with cheese. It's a sandwich that creates repeat customers, but one of Chiefs most popular items is their clam chowder. It's only served on Fridays, and it's a notorious favorite.

"We started this when we first opened, and it took off as a hit so we've been doing it ever since and when it's out it's out," Rachelle said.

"It's gone. Come and get it before it's gone," James added.

The chowder is definitely a labor of love, with plenty of stirring, simmering and sauteing that brings customers from up and down I-5.

"Springfield, Cottage Grove, Portland- we even has customers from California," Rachelle said.

So when I butter up Chiefs, know that I am not exaggerating. Whether it's chowder or cheese steak, Chiefs is the cream of the crop.

Chiefs Brew House

91115 N Willamette St, Coburg

(541) 342-3828

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