Tasty Tuesday: Cafe Soriah

Cafe Soriah combines artistic vision and culinary skill! Photo by Ellen Meny.

Cafe Soriah opened in 1993- that's almost 25 years of business, and owner and chef Ibrahim Hamide told me he's seen pretty much every part of the restaurant business.

"You name it, it's been it. I mean, it's been crazy busy, it's been fun, it's been a lot of work," Chef Ib said.

That's because Chef Ib takes his work very seriously, whether it's dinner or dessert.

"So it really is an awesome responsibility and i take it with that sense of respect," Chef Ib said.

Cafe Soriah serves Mediterranean food, which means French, Italian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Chef Ib says anything that borders the Mediterranean sea is fair game.

For some dishes, like the French dish tournedos aux champignon, Chef Ib cooks table-side. He fires up a pan on an elegant cart, decorated with the prepped ingredients. It's a dish with round cuts of beef, served with mushrooms and a beautiful side of sauteed vegetables.

At Cafe Soriah, how the food looks is just as important as how it tastes. Chef Ib works with some of his younger chefs, like Vincent Tsatsakis, to plan and design new ways to showcase the food.

"Even back home, they have a saying that says, that eye eats before the mouth does. And so I've always been aware of that, that the plate needs to look nice," Chef Ib said.

Almost half a century of service at Cafe Soriah...has Chef Ib slowed down? He reassured me: "My care and my passion for it has not subsided one bit."

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Cafe Soriah

384 W 13th Avenue

(541) 342-4410

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