Tasty Tuesday: Addi's Diner

Addi's Diner serves up everything from giant pancakes to train-wrecks! Photo by Ellen Meny.

When you roll up to Addi's Diner, be sure to arrive hungry. Owner Addi Hand specializes in delicious diner food with a price that'll make wallets very happy. You get quite the spread for the price.

Addi spoiled us when we visited for Tasty Tuesday. She and her superhero kitchen crew made us a huge amount of food.

We got to see their battered bacon burger with fresh cut french fries and potato skins; their chicken fried steak breakfast sandwich with hash-browns; their 11 oz chicken fried steak, fried eggs, home-fries and a few biscuits; their turkey platter-sized pancake; and their one-of-a-kind dish, the Trainwreck.

Whew! One takeaway box, please.

Let's return to one item with a unique name- the Trainwreck.

"The Trainwreck is just a big pile of potatoes, and we put a scramble with veggies and ham on top of the potatoes. Smother it all in gravy," Addi explained.

So why the name?

"Because it looks like a train-wreck when it comes to the table!" Addi told us. Makes sense to me.

Their most popular and perhaps more famous menu item is their gigantic pancake. It's 16 inches in diameter and served up on a turkey platter.

"One pancake's all you need, but the surprise is still there when it comes to the table," Addi said.

The real surprise? It's only $4.50 for one monster pancake.

There's a lot of surprises at Addi's Diner, so be sure to watch the full Tasty Tuesday episode for more delicious details.

Addi's Diner

207 S A St, Springfield 97477

(541) 747-9482

KVAL's Tasty Tuesday brings you what to eat and where to eat it around Lane County and beyond. Tasty Tuesday is hosted by KVAL reporter Ellen Meny. Want to suggest Ellen a restaurant? Contact her at or find Tasty Tuesday on Facebook and Twitter.

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