Tasty Tuesday: 100 Mile Bakery

100 Mile Bakery lives up to its name. Almost everything they use comes from within 100 miles of their bakery in Springfield. Photo by Ellen Meny.

100 Mile Bakery. The name speaks for itself.

But I still let 100 Mile Bakery owner Leda Hermecz break it down for me.

"We're called that, because all of our ingredients are being sourced from within 100 miles," Leda told me.

All of their grains, dairy, meat, and fruits and vegetables come from local farms- with the exception of salt and leavening agents like yeast.

"Being able to grow things off of the land and understand what that means, to be able to have fresh food available to you, that's always been an important part of my life," Leda said.

Leda's love for local started young, with her family's farm.

"I grew up on a 10 acre piece of property in Alabama where my parents grew a lot of what we ate," Leda said.

Now, her passion for livin' "La Vida Local", as she calls it, is a reality.

One day, her bakery offers buckwheat pumpkin muffins and hearty baguettes with a touch of honey. Another day, it could be quiche. There's always an ever-changing variety.

"I look around and see what the farmers have brought me, so it's always like what the farmers are bringing me versus what I want to make. It's simply just reacting to what is here," Leda said.

100 Mile Bakery goes against the grain, but only in the business sense. They wholeheartedly embrace what our local land has to offer, one mile at a time.

100 Mile Bakery

418 A Street, Springfield, OR 97477


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