Unique breed of 'Werewolf Cats' prove popular with cat and dog lovers

If you like the look of cats but prefer the personality of a dog the Lykoi feline could be the purr-fect cat for you!

This unique breed, often referred to as 'werewolf' cats because of their feral appearance and dog-like traits, are currently bred by husband and wife team Johnny and Brittney Gobble, one of three 'foundation breeders.'

Proving popular with those looking for something a little different the new breed, the first litter of which was born in 2010, get their unique appearance from a natural mutation in a domestic shorthair that gives the felines werewolf features and prevents them from growing a full coat of fur.

Despite their unusual appearance breeders Johnny and Brittney are keen to point out that they are "breeding for health."

Jonny Gobble, a practicing veterinarian, explains, "The breed is a natural occurrence in the feral domestic cat population."

The first were born in Vonore, Tennessee.

"I like to compare the Lykoi to hunting dogs; they are extremely loyal to their owners, very scent motivated, and very intelligent," Jonny Gobble said.

And whilst they may look a little scary, Lykoi cats are said to make excellent pets.

"Lykoi love both human and animal companionship and as long as introductions are done properly, they fit right in with their new family members the two legged and the four legged kind!" Jonny Gobble said.
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