Animal shelters waive adoption fee for senior pets

Senior cat up for adoption at Greenhill Humane Society. (SBG, AF)

EUGENE, Ore. – Local shelters hope to see a spike in senior pet adoptions with new month-long campaign.

For some local animal shelters, their senior animals aren't finding homes as easily as their young pets.

But to them, age is just a number.

Greenhill Humane Society and First Avenue Shelter are hoping to change that with their new Age Is Just A Number campaign.

All month long, there is no adoption fee for people adopting animals over 7 years old. | SEE PETS UP FOR ADOPTION

People who have been senior pet owners said that's a steal considering how priceless it is to have an elderly companion.

Kathy Reid, a Eugene resident, said her last dog died when he was 14. Now she’s on her fifth dog.

“Well it's the same as being an owner of a one-year-old dog. I mean they're just as delightful as ever! There's no difference, he was just a little slower that's about it,” said Reid.

Reid has some advice for someone who thinks an older dog might be a disadvantage.

“Oh there's advantages to that: they're trained. They're used to being in the house, sleeping on the bed, you don't have to go through that bottom up training that you have to with puppies.”

Greenhill Humane Society said they have plenty of senior animals that are looking for homes, but few people willing to adopt them.

“A lot of people assume that if they adopt a senior dog, they're already kind of set in their ways and there's something wrong with them because they're an older dog that's at the shelter,” said Lauren Merge with Greenhill Humane Society.

Merge said many senior animals are dropped off at shelters for faults that are not their own.

“Either their families moved and couldn't take them or provide care for them any longer due to some kind of personal change. These dogs are potty trained, well behaved, many of them come knowing tricks, and are socialized,” said Merge.

At Greenhill, adoption fees can range anywhere from about $70 dollars to about $200.

All month long, that fee is dropped for animals over seven years old.

Merge said the perfect owner for a senior pet is someone who is patient and understands their pet will have a lower energy level.

When you adopt through Greenhill or First Avenue Shelter, you are offered a free medical exam at a local veterinary clinic.

Visit the Greenhill website to see the current animals looking for a home.

All of the animals at Greenhill are looking forward to new facilities.

Greenhill Humane Society is currently raising money to build a new medical facility, and housing for their pets.

Merge says fundraising has been going great so far, but they could always use more donations to help reach their goal.

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Also on the Greenhill website, you can see their fundraising progress and make a donation.

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