Officer shoots loose dog that was attacking kids at bus stop, chasing people down


People had to run, jump up onto cars and call police when a loose dog in Southeast Portland started attacking strangers early Thursday morning, police said.

When police arrived, the white pit bull was attacking a group of kids waiting at a bus stop near Southeast 60th Avenue and Nehalem Street.

Curtyne Barrera's daughter was bitten by the dog, but luckily, the bite didn't get through her Ugg boots.

"She had been wearing my Uggs to school ... which was a good idea, because I don't think it would have gone as well as it had," Barerra said.

Another mom at the scene was apparently protecting her son and the other kids from the dog, which was latched onto her leg when police showed up. When the dog let go to come after the officer, the report said the officer shot and wounded the dog.

"She did a really awesome job," Barrera said. "I'm really proud and thankful she was able to do that for my kids because they were terrified."

A man standing nearby was bitten on the shin and had to get medical treatment at the scene. The woman he was with used a metal pole to hit the dog after the attack.

A responding officer then shot the dog once. The dog ran to a house, where it was picked up by animal control. Veterinarians are working to stabilize the dog, which may take a day or two.

Alicia Martin said she saw the dog wandering around the neighborhood prior to the attack.

"She was barking, she wouldn't come close to us," Martin said. "She didn't come at me... she was just sitting there, barking and tail wagging. I had my baby son in the car, so I wasn't like, 'Hope in!'"

If you know who this dog might belong to, contact police at 503-823-3333 or the county animal services at 503-988-7387.

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