Klamath Co. Commissioners vote unanimously to euthanize dogs after June 1st attack

Klamath Falls commissionaires deliver their decision. (Mike Marut/KTVL)

In response to a 10-year-old girl attacked by four dogs in June, the Klamath County Commissioners vote to euthanize all four dogs involved.

The dogs' owner's family already appealed the decision before leaving the Klamath County building on Thursday.

The victim's family could not be in the commissioners' room today because the victim had to travel to Portland for physical therapy.

Commissioner Derrick DeGroot said it was an unwinnable situation, but ultimately decided to euthanize the dogs. A friend of the victim's family echoed that sentiment.

"We are relieved," Mary Liz Bunch said. "I know Darryn felt the same way. To say that he was happy would be improper, and probably not accurate, but it was heartbreaking for everybody involved. It was a terrible, terrible accident.

Alyssa Stevens, the victim in the attack, had interacted with the dogs previously according to testimony and a police report, but testimony added the injury to Stevens was one of the most severe injuries from a dog attack short of being killed.

The owner's family appealed the decision by the commissioners, citing the commissioners did not truly consider alternative options such as sending the dogs to Washington, where the owner plans to move anyway and where the property would be larger for the dogs to roam.

"We think that the board should have taken into consideration some alternatives that have been offered regarding this, this particular case," Latronda Darnell, the owner's sister, said.

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