Greenhill Humane Society needs upgrades to expand animal services

EUGENE, Ore. – KVAL is gearing up for the Pet Project Tail-A-Thon March 14. The all-day event will raise money for Greenhill Humane Society and work to find homes for shelter animals.

Before the event, KVAL’s Hannah Kintner stopped by the humane society to see why they need help.

Greenhill Humane Society has been saving animals in Lane County since 1944. Its 20-acre property has kennels for dogs, a room for rabbits and small animals, and a cattery.

Despite Greenhill’s spacious landscape, the facilities could use improvements.

Staff members say the dog kennel is stress-inducing. All the barking can cause some dogs to become aggressive or timid.

“What we know at the very least, though, is that they don't show their true personality in a situation like that, and so it's pretty hard to know what's this dog like?” said Cary Lieberman, executive director.

Greenhill’s main goal is to find homes for animals, but they do a lot more than just finding homes at their facility.

Many people don’t know about Greenhill’s domestic violence assistance programs.

“So when women are in situations where they've been abused and they go into WomenSpace, their animals come to us and we can provide care for them until they get back on their feet,” said Lauren Merge, communication and outreach manager at Greenhill Humane Society.

They also care for animals when their owners need hospital care after an accident.

Besides that, Greenhill conducts thousands of spays and neuters each year at their on-site clinic. But that facility needs some upgrades.

So, Greenhill is making big plans for the future.

Greenhill will announce plans for a major fundraising campaign and building project Thursday.

JOIN THE FUN | Have you adopted a dog, cat or other pet from Greenhill or another shelter? Share videos & photos of your pet

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