Dog thrown from window during domestic dispute on the road to recovery

Courtesy Fetching Tails Foundation

A foundation in Illinois is helping a small dog who was thrown from a third-story window recover from her injuries.

Callie, a 10-month-old puppy, was thrown from a window in Chicago during a domestic dispute earlier this month. She suffered a fractured neck, ribs and pelvic bone.

After several tests, X-rays, blood work and CT scans, veterinarians operated on her last Tuesday. She has a splint in her neck for four weeks, and she's currently recovering at a foster home.

Callie was thrown out of a window during an argument between a man and woman -- that man has been cited with a misdemeanor. No other charges will be pressed against him, as no one who saw the event is willing to testify about what happened or share their name.

To learn more about the Fetching Tails Foundation, click here.

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