'What are you using your cookie money for?' And other fair questions to ask a Girl Scout

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Missed out on pre-ordering Girl Scout cookies?

Tabletop sales outside local store doors begins February 17.

And a local scout leader urges you to ask the young sellers some fair questions.

"I just invite anyone that goes and buys a box to ask them, 'What are you using your cookie money for? What's your goal? What are you excited about?'" said Mandi Bloomer, a Girl Scout leader for unit 63 in Springfield. "Because that is what keeps us going. And keeps us stacking and organizing."

Local scout troops keep about $1 a box, although volume counts, too.

The money raised will stay local, helping out more than 60 troops in Eugene and Springfield reach their fundraising goals.

The money funds volunteer projects, trips, and more.

This marks the organization's 100th year of cookie selling.

Thousands of boxes of cookies arrived by the truckload to a warehouse in Springfield Wednesday morning.

An army of volunteers unloaded, stacked and sorted through towers of Tagalongs and mountains of Thin Mints.

About 100,000 boxes of cookies will pour into Eugene and Springfield neighborhoods this week, followed by weekly deliveries and table sales outside local stores.

ll start selling cookies in front of local stores.

You can download the "Cookie Locator" app on your smart phone to find out where the closest cookies are.

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