On the Brightside: Mentor program helps teens in Eugene

Junior Youth Program

EUGENE, Ore.- A local mentorship program is helping pre-teens and teenagers make an impact in their community.

Kids who take part in the junior youth program stay pretty busy doing acts of service in our area. Just recently they volunteered at "Food for Lane County” and raised $800 for the Children's Miracle Network with hot a chocolate stand.

The junior youth program has been running for the past several years, but coordinators of the junior youth program tell me the need for mentors is growing as more middle schoolers want to participate.

“Hopefully by inspiring them to serve their communities, we can have them understand the importance of giving back to the people around them,” said Ravaahn Enyati, a mentor for the youth program.

The junior youth program is part of the Bahai teachings, where they say their goal is to teach pre-teens and teenagers moral spiritual and ethical skills.

Bahai classes are free and open to everyone regardless of their beliefs.

If you would like to be a mentor there will be several orientations in the next up-coming weeks.

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