Woman hit by Postal Service semi, in ICU in critical condition

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Sally Dickens wasn't surprised to learn a truck hit a woman just across the street from Dickens' home.

The victim was struck by post office semi truck while walking in the crosswalk around 7 p.m. Tuesday night.

"It's scary, it's very frightening, even when you are crossing the crosswalk," Dickens said of the intersection of Gateway Loop and Gateway Street.

The truck dragged the victim for 50 feet, the driver unaware he had hit a person, police said.

Witnesses flagged down the driver, but he only stopped for a few moments and continued on the the Gateway postal facility.

The victim is in critical condition in intensive car at Sacred Heart Hospital at RiverBend with a borken leg and lacerated spleen.

The interesection worries Dickens.

"Even when you push the button to walk a couple of times, my grandson and I almost got hit by a speeding car that just went right through," she said.

Police are aware it is a problem area.

"The Gateway area is the busiest area in the city, and not just vehicular traffic but pedestrian traffic," Sgt. John Umenhoffer said.

Residents who live in the area told KVAL News they sometimes feel unsafe, especially after dark.

"People don't pay attention anyway," said Kayla Barrett, "so if they don't pay attention when it gets dark they are obviously not going to see people crossing the street."