Who pays when a tree falls on your house?

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's there, it really doesn't matter.

If that tree falls on your house or garage - well, that's serious.

Karl Newman with the Northwest Insurance Council says your homeowners policy will cover the damage - whether that tree is on your property or your neighbor's.

"Unless your neighbor has known that there was a problem with that tree and there's negligence involved, or they just didn't take care of it, your policy is the one that protects you regardless of where that tree comes from," Newman told me.

The Northwest Insurance Council remind us that your policy will also cover a number other things related to that fallen tree:

  • Removal of trees that have fallen on buildings.
  • Damaged personal property (both home and renters) inside a damaged building.
  • Additional living expenses such as increased housing costs, extra food costs and furniture rental if you can't occupy your primary residence due to storm damage.
  • Costs for reasonable temporary repairs to prevent further damage to the building or contents.

By the way, if a tree falls in your yard and doesn't damage anything then it's your responsibility to pay to have it removed.

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