Warning signs that your senior cat may have a medical problem

Cats are living longer these days. With proper nutrition and good medical care, some cats can live into their 20's.

My cat, Casey, is 18 and still going strong.

Once your cat reaches the teen years, it's important be on the lookout for any changes in behavior that could indicate a medical problem.

Cats are often loners, but Dr. Gary Marshall at Island Cats on Mercer Island, says if your older cat starts hiding, that could be a sign that something's not right.

"It it seems like they're trying to be more reclusive and just kind of being out of the way, so nothing bothers them, that can be a little bit of a red flag to us," Dr. Marshall said.

Another thing that brings people to the vet is when their cat starts yowling all night and keeps them awake. That can be a sign of hypertension.

"Checking their blood pressure and getting them a little medication can make all the difference in the world," Dr. Marshall said.

That's why we took Casey to see Dr. Marshall. It turns out his blood pressure was sky-high. It's now under control with one pill a day.

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