Video 'trailer' helps promote new Oregon children's book

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Judi Li spent her life studying insects and ecosystems.

When she decided to write her first children's book, the retired Oregon State professor spent time doing extra research.

"I read a number of children books to get a feel for that," Li said.

Her first book - also the first children's book from OSU Press - is called "Ellie's Log, Exploring the Forest where the Great Tree Fell."

The book tells the story of two kids exploring HJ Andrews Experimental Forest in the Oregon Cascades.

"We're really hoping that we can help get more kids out in nature and exploring and learning about science," said Micki Reaman, marketing manager for OSU Press.

That's where the plot thickens: Li realized if kids could explore the actual forest from "Ellie's Log," it could also be used as a textbook.

But textbook doesn't sound like fun.

"That's where the idea for making a trailer came," explained Brendan Hansen.

A movie trailer for a book?

Hansen, an Oregon State English student and intern, said videos are a new way to start conversations about books.

"If you can show someone a video really quickly or if someone's browsing Facebook and people are sharing a trailer for a book, it's an easy way to pique people's interest," he said.

Watch the book trailer