UO to demolish student cottages to make way for $8M central kitchen

EUGENE, Ore. - David Ozog lives in one of a dozen cottages on the University of Oregon campus, home to graduate students like himself and families.

The University of Oregon plans to demolish the cottages to make way for a new central kitchen facility.

"I couldn't believe it was happening," Ozog said. "I still don't understand why they would get rid of such a great thing that is really good for families and students like myself that need close cheap affordable living."

UO prepares 10,000 meals per day. The $8 million central kitchen will modernize equipment and double the amount of space available in the current core kitchen.

"The facilities that are there right now are old, they are aging and really need to be replaced," said Michael Griffel, director of University Housing. "Our goal is to continue to buy locally, to buy fresh, to buy organic, so this will allow us to make food from scratch using the cleaning possible approaches."

The University helped students like Ozog secure new housing options for next fall, but moving comes at a price.

"I pay a little over $500 a month for a house I think is spectacular this close to campus," Ozog said. "At the apartments it will be around $700."