University owns house grad student accused of shooting up

EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon suspended a political graduate teaching fellow accused of firing dozens of rounds from a gun into the ceiling of his university owned home Saturday.

Jack McDowell, 29, remained in custody at the Lane County Jail as of Monday afternoon, accused of unlawful use of a weapon.

UO spokesman Phil Weiler said firearms aren't allow in campus residence halls but that weapons are allowed in university owned family housing.

"State law allows that properties that are governed by landlord-tenant laws, that weapons - guns - can be permitted in those residence," Weiler said.

Officers arrested McDowell on 39 counts of unlawful use of a weapon and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Eugene Police responded to McDowell's home at 1804 Columbia St. at around 3:20 a.m. Saturday. Police said they received four calls from neighbors who heard gunfire coming from the southeast campus home.

One of McDowell's neighbors, Ellis Montague, told KVAL News he went over to the house just before 3 a.m. Saturday after he heard three or four shots.

"Every light in the house was on, all of his windows were open - no curtains drawn - and he was just sitting at his computer, shooting his gun into the air," said Montague. "(He fired) sporadically, you know. Three or four shots, then he would stop for a few minutes, then three or four more."

That's when Montague said he called the UO Campus Police Department. Montague said that McDowell continued shooting at his ceiling even after police arrived to the scene.

Officers reported that they called McDowell out of his house and put him into custody. Investigators said they found at least 39 bullet holes in the ceiling, and later seized several firearms and other evidence from inside the house.