Surveillance video shows man using toddler to steal for him

SEATTLE -- A disturbing North Seattle surveillance video shows an adult using his toddler to steal a package from someone's home.

North Seattle resident Jared Brinkley only realized his package was missing after he tracked it online. Then, after watching his personal surveillance footage, he found out what happened.

"You see this man with this stroller roll up and send out his helper," Brinkley said.

The man, who has not been identified, appears to send the youngster up to Brinkley's front door. When the child returns with the package, the man puts it in the stroller.

"It's amusing until you dig down a few layers and realize how incredibly, incredibly wrong it is on so many levels," Brinkley said.

While he was the victim of the crime, Brinkley is more worried about the young child.

"You have to wonder what he think or she think is really happening at the building," he said. "Is it a game? It's just troubling," he said.

The investigation is ongoing.