Springfield PD: Demonstrator with AR-15 is within the law

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- A Medford man has taken his second amendment rights demonstration to cities around Oregon by filming walks down their streets with a semi-automatic rifle strapped to his back.

In a series of Youtube videos the man calls himself the "Marked Guardian" and he said that he hopes his videos educate people about the right to bear arms in Oregon.

The open carry video posted Jan. 22, the man (addressed as Warren) brought his AR-15 and sidearm to the streets of downtown Springfield.

"Hey guys, this is the marked guardian, I'm out here in Springfield Oregon I'm gonna exercise my right to bear arms," Warren said as he turned around to display his firearms.

After viewing the video, Sergeant Richard Lewis with the Springfield Police Department told KVAL News that the man knows that police will try to contact him.

"We're going to show up, he knows this," said Sgt. Lewis.

The "Marked Guardian" talks to officers on camera about his second amendment rights.

"I wanna show that there's professional officers that know our rights and are constitutional," he said in the video recorded in Springfield.

Sergeant Lewis said that the man's demonstration is completely legal with Oregon's open carry law.

"He can do what he's doing I guess the question is, is he's trying to make a point and is it the best way to make that point?" Sgt. Lewis said. "It's upsetting to people we choose to live in a society where that's not commonplace."

Springfield police said that Warren has been touring the state with this demonstration and they said they were expecting him to show up.