Shocking new cell case gives phones a 'personal safety app'

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- Every smart phone case claims to keep your device protected, but the makers of one case take protection a step further.

The Yellow Jacket cellphone stun gun case can be used to defend yourself in serious situations.

The Baton Rouge-based company said that their cases have already sparked interest on the internet.

Both the consumers and creators of the device say they actually work, delivering a 650k-volt shock through the top of the case.

Baton Rouge police said that users should get trained on proper techniques, or the expensive gadget might not be as effective as the company claims.

"Learn how to use it, learn the in's and out's of how to use it, so when it comes time to needing it, you're proficient at it and you're within the letter of the law," said Corporal Tommy Stubbs of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

"You don't want to pull out your Yellow Jacket for the first time when you really need it. You want to know how this would work. How you would use it," Cpl. Stubbs added.

The Yellow Jacket case is currently only offered for the IPhone 4, however the creators said they are working on a version for Android models and the IPhone 5.

Yellow Jacket also said they are developing a more robust version for police use.