Police: 'It's very normal for band equipment to be seized'

EUGENE, Ore. - Police stand by arrests and evidence seizures at a party last Friday night near the University of Oregon campus.

Police arrested almost two dozens people at the Campbell Club and seized equipment from the band performing at the party.

The band questioned why their gear was seized, but police said it's not out of the ordinary.

"It's very normal for band equipment to be seized in egregious cases of prohibited noise," Lt. Doug Mozan with the Eugene Police Department said. "I've personally seized that equipment a number of times."

Mozan does not know when the bands instruments will be returned

He also said officers stand by their narrative of events, which includes allegations that someone grabbed an officer.

"I understand one officer was grabbed and actually pulled into the Campbell Club, the front door of the house," Mozan said. "Other people are alleged to have tried to close the door in between responding police officers and the officer that was held against his will."

Police could not explain why partygoers did not face more serious charges if an officer was held against his will.