Plastic bag ban extends beyond grocery stores

EUGENE, Ore. - The plastic bag ban starts Wednesday, and it's going to change more than just grocery shopping.

All retailers in Eugene are required to switch to paper starting May 1, including department stores and even places like Home Depot.

Employees at Elephant's Trunk toy store in Eugene already switched out their plastic bags for paper in preparation for the ban.

"I am not really sure how it will work yet because we haven't used it a whole lot," said Dell Krull. "Right now it shouldn't be a big deal but around the holidays it might be just because people get a lot of stuff."

Shoppers who have visited cities that have already banned plastic bags aren't too worried about the switch.

"They had banned plastic bags there and I was in the mall and I got a couple shirts for my son and husband," Cris Houser told KVAL News. "They gave me a paper bag and it was totally fine."

The ban doesn't enjoy universal support, however.

Masha Kazakova said she is upset about the ban because she was reusing plastic shopping bags to pick up dog waste.

"It's way too expensive and I am not going to spend money on them so I have been hitting up all the dispensaries around town and stocking up on bags now," she said.

Other people told KVAL News they are well prepared to use reusable bags for all their shopping needs.

"I use them all the time," said Jonna Anderson. "I use them for everything. I use them when i go to the library. i use them for absolutely everything."