NOAA: Coos Bay/North Bend are 'Tsunami Ready'

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Both Coos Bay and North Bend are officially 'Tsunami Ready' according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Representatives from the National Weather Service awarded signs to both cities on Friday.

The Coos Bay sign will be displayed as you drive north into the city on Hwy 101.

Fire Chief Stan Gibson says that over the last five years, a strong effort was made to be tsunami and storm ready. "We recognize that a tsunami and earthquake are one of the biggest hazards that we face, and so to be prepared for that, we made sure that everybody is aware of it," he said. "Then we look at what are we doing, what should we be doing, where are the gaps, how do we fill those gaps?"

Gibson says officials have noticed the improvement in readiness. "We're much better prepared than we were five years ago."

Port Orford, Gold Beach and Coos County as a whole were also named 'Tsunami Ready' by the NOAA.