Logging next to neighborhood concerns residents

VENETA, Ore. - Local homeowners like Paul Foster wonder how long they'll have their fabulous backyard view.
That's because developer Greg Demers owns property bordering the Trinity Terrace subdivision.
Trees on about 100 acres of property are coming down. The cutting began last week and Foster agrees, it's on private land.
"You know, we're not against somebody making a dollar. We're not against somebody working. The only thing we're trying to do
is to protect the greenway," says Foster.

He explains all the neighbors want is protection for about 4 acres of property designated as greenway in the Veneta city code.
Foster insists the code limits cutting in those zones to dead or dying trees.
City Hall has a different interpretation--a tree code provision. Community Development Director Kay Bork tells KVAL News, "It's very specific
on when a tree permit is required, and if it's a Douglas Fir under 18 inches it's not considered a tree and not regulated by our code for permitting."
No permitting and no notice to neighbors that the tree harvesting was coming.
While residents may be stumped about what to do next, the City Council will hear their concerns in a meeting coming up on Monday night (6 to 7 pm).