'It's very exciting to see the community so interested'

EUGENE, Ore. - The South Eugene High School Cafeteria was packed with community members, everyone interested in what the city has in mind for South Willamette Street.

Eugene Public Works presented 6 different improvement alternatives.

Variables like bike lanes, wider sidewalks, the number of north- and southbound lanes and even business access is all still up in the air.

Project Manager Chris Henry says the turnout at the community forum was the largest he has ever seen for a street improvement project.

"This is impressive," says Henry, "It's very exciting to see the community so interested in determining the future of how the transportation system serves their need."

Feedback from the community forum held on February 27 will help narrow the 6 options down to 3.

Henry aded that they are also working with business owners and local police and fire departments to help with making the best decision possible.

Another forum will be held in May with a more detailed analysis of the top 3 improvement alternatives.