It pays to know the warning signs of ID Theft

Do you know the warning signs of identity theft?

You really should, because if you spot a problem early it's often easier to solve.

Eva Velasquez runs the Identity Theft Resource Center. She says a common warning sign is getting a bill for something you didn't buy.

"Don't throw them away and say that's not for me, I didn't purchase that. That's a huge red flag of identity theft," Velasquez said. "If you start to get collection calls or calls from collection agencies for goods or services that you didn't purchase, don't disregard them, that's another big red flag that you need to follow up on."

If you get your bank or credit card statement in the mail each month and it suddenly stops, that's another warning sign.

"Perhaps someone has filled out a change of address with your financial institution and now they are getting your statement and that's in an effort to make sure you don't catch the fraud right away, so they can spend more of your money," Velasquez told me.

If you take a few minutes to follow up on something that's out of the ordinary or just doesn't make sense, you could save yourself a lot of headaches later on.

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