'I feel sorry for all the vegetarians out there'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - One side of the building is Moe's Tavern. Right next store is Chow, the restaurant yin to Moe's yang.

Mitchell Hescheles is the owner and chef for the twin venues, but not by his own description.

"I don't think of myself as a chef," he told KVAL News. "I'm just a cook with a crazy imagination."

From that imagine comes creations like the BLSDT (an acronym we're still deciphering).

This sandwich starts with six pieces of bacon, aka "piggy candy."

Add homemade onion garlic bread.

Then pour on three sauces: piggy mayo, sun-dried tomato pesto and tomato compote.

Top it off with a little arugula and iceberg lettuce for peppery flavor and crunch, and voila: "That's bacon lovelyness," Hescheles said.

"I feel sorry for all the vegetarians out there."