Honey: Is it better for you than sugar?

"Oh, I don't use sugar; I sweeten with honey because it's so much healthier."

I hear people say this all the time. So, is honey better than sugar?

Certified Nutritionist Deborah Enos, who is known as the One-Minute Wellness Coach, says honey does have more nutrients.

"Sugar has no nutritional value," Enos said. "However, honey does have some great minerals and antioxidants. So, from a nutrition standpoint, if you have a choice between honey and sugar, pick the honey. But let's make sure we don't use too much honey."

That's because honey has five more calories per teaspoon than refined white sugar. But it's also a bit sweeter, so you can use less.

"I think that honey has that great, distinctive flavor," Enos told me. "It adds a great flavor to food and you don't need to use as much and get that great sweetness."

Remember, honey is sugar - liquid sugar - so it's not any better for diabetics.

"It's going to spike the blood sugar, just like table sugar is going to spike the blood sugar," Enos said.

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