Homicide may slow down embezzlement investigation

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - A fatal stabbing at an RV park will divert police attention from an internal embezzlement investigation at the City of Cottage Grove.

City Manager Richard Meyers said the scope of the embezzlement remains unknown as auditors work through hundreds of daily financial transactions.

Meyers said the City cannot release the name of the former employee suspected in the case until witnesses have been identified and interviewed.

An estimated date of completion for the investigation is not yet known. The City anticipates having to divert police resources to a fatal stabbing last weekend, which is being investigated as a homicide.

One key point of progress: Additional internal controls have been put in place to prevent the manipulation of the computer system and to ensure that the public's funds are protected, Meyers said.

City staff has completed interviews with new software vendors and is making plans to visit organizations using two of the software systems in the next couple of weeks.

Meyers hoped sufficient information will be gathered in order for the City Council to approve the purchase of the new financial software at the March 25 City Council meeting.