'Hikers Only' after wildlife refuge bans jogging

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Three national wildlife refuges in the Willamette Valley have banned jogging on their trails to keep the areas calm during mating season.

A "no jogging" sign was put up at the trail head of the William L. Finley Wildlife Refuge south of Corvallis. Two other national wildlife refuges - the Baskett Slough and Ankeny refuges - have also banned running on their trails.

Officials imposed the ban because they say that runners could disturb animals in the refuge during mating season.

Damien Miller with the Willamette Valley Refuge Complex told KVAL News the sound and sight of running in a refuge can disturb wildlife.

"Footfall on the wood here would be a lot more noisy than a regular trail," said birdwatcher David Blake.

Blake and his wife, Cherrie often visit the Finley Wildlife Refuge.

"If we get there when there's no one else around we see a lot more birds and animals then when there are people riding bikes and jogging so that makes it pretty obvious that it does make a diff," said Cherrie Blake.

Regulations also prohibit walking pets, as well as riding bikes and horses inside refuge for that exact reason.