Glitch grounds high-profile Boeing 787 flight to Tokyo

SEATAC, Wash. -- A day that was supposed to be a celebration for Boeing's latest jet ended up leaving one of its major customers very unhappy.

The inaugural All Nippon Airways 787 flight from Sea-Tac Airport to Tokyo was delayed due to a mechanical glitch.

The flight was supposed to depart Monday, but a faulty part in the airplane's cooling system kept the aircraft on the ground at Sea-Tac.

ANA, which had several corporate officials on hand for the first flight, said the company was greatly disappointed with Boeing.

The airline was the launch customer for Boeing's 787 and has placed orders for many of the new jets. A spokesperson said the company was working with Boeing to address the latest mechanical problem.

The plane had landed Monday morning and fire trucks sprayed rainbows of water to greet the first ANA 787 to land in commercial service at Sea-Tac. The jet took its passengers to a terminal gate and prepared for its afternoon departure back to Tokyo before the delay was announced in the late afternoon.

The airline put the passengers up in a hotel overnight and hopes to have them back on the way to Tokyo at about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday on a second 787 that was flown to Sea-Tac overnight.

Passengers departing on the flight originally scheduled for Tuesday will fly to Tokyo on the repaired 787 aircraft that arrived yesterday.