Get gift cards? Read this!

Gift cards: They're the gift people want and then forget to use. I'm not kidding.

It's estimated that about $1.7 billion in gift card money was not spent last year. People just threw the cards in a drawer or put them in their wallet and then forgot about them - or lost them.

Bill Haredkopf, founder of, says if you got any gift cards, write down the numbers and PIN codes and keep that information in a safe place.

"If you lose the card, some issuers may resend it to you, but you must have those card numbers and security codes to give them if it's lost or stolen," Hardekopf said.

Maybe you got a card or two that you really didn't want. Turn that card into cash. Sites like Cardpool, Gift Card Granny and CardCash will buy them from you.

"Now you're not going to get 100 percent of the value of the card," Hardekopf said. "You might get 80 or 90 percent, but that's a lot better than just letting it sit and gather dust."

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