'Gertie' gives out books to Eugene's avid readers

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Eugene Book Mobile was hanging out around 18th and Chambers on Sunday, handing out books to the avid readers of south Eugene.

The converted school bus, nicknamed "Gertie", gives away hundreds of books for free each day.

The Book Mobile is run by volunteers with the organization Books To The People and operates strictly on donations. Organizer for the non-profit Ezra Tishman says it is doing a service for thousands of people who don't have access to free libraries.

"A University of Nevada study that showed just the presence of books in children's homes is just as determining a factor of whether they go to college as whether or not their parents went to school," said Tishman.

While Gertie does roam around the Eugene area, being loaded with books means she only gets about five-miles-to-the-gallon.

Books To The People will hold a fundraiser May 11, for more information on the Book Mobile visit the non-profit's website.