Light Angel: Does it work?

Can a $13 light solve the problem of dark closets or dim stairways at your house? A new product called "Light Angel" claims to light up the way.

According to the commercial: "It's like a guardian angel for your home, that lights up the way for you, your family and friends. Light Angel's weather-resistant adhesive sticks to practically anything!"

While Light Angel sells for around $13, you'll pay almost half that for four AA batteries required to make it work. The surface where you attach the double-sided bonding tape must be clean and dry. This is not one of those lights you can move from one place to another unless you use screws. The adhesive tape really sticks to the surface once you hold it down for 30 seconds to get the initial bond.

In my test, the motion sensor did a good job of instantly detecting the homeowners as they walked into the area. The LED light provided adequate lighting for putting the bikes away but it was not what I'd call sweeping illumination.

The light goes off about 30 seconds after the motion stops. I put it up 3 and a half weeks ago and so far, the adhesive is sticking. Some users recommend using nails or screws to attach the light, because the adhesive did not hold well in their case.

Factoring in the cost of batteries, and the limited scope of the light in our test, on a scale of 1 to 4 I'd give it a 2 1/2. The homeowner gave it a 2. You do get light, but in my experience it was not sweeping, bright light with large coverage.

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