Fuel system back up and running at PDX; caused morning flight delays

PORTLAND, Ore. - Some flights at Portland International Airport were delayed Friday morning because the airport's in-ground fuel system supply malfunctioned.

The fuel system was back up and running by a little after 11 a.m.

According to Steve Johnson with the Port of Portland, flights that needed fuel from the system were delayed through the morning. Some flights, however, avoided delays because they didn't need to take on any more fuel or were fueled via trucks.

One woman we talked to who was flying to Burbank on Southwest Airlines told us there were many frustrated people at her gate during the delay. Although the delays were cleared up when the fuel system got back up and running, some travelers were still having problems getting where they wanted to go.

The Coffmans wait patiently at Portland International Airport to catch a flight. Photo courtesy of Lisa Coffman.

Lisa Coffman and her family were still stuck at the airport by the afternoon. She and her family are trying to get to Branson, Missouri for grandma's 85th birthday celebration and family reunion.

"We are still at the airport!" she wrote us in an email. "They had us on a plane then pulled us off because we missed the connecting flight. Now, after a lot of work, we are flying to Phoenix tonight and to Little Rock in the morning." From there, they plan to rent a van and drive to Missouri.

"We're trying to have good attitudes," she wrote. "But it's quite an adventure."