Fish and Wildlife planes updated with new GPS units

SALEM, Ore. -- Eight Oregon hunting groups donated three new GPS units to the Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Department Thursday to update the department's aircraft stationed in Salem, Bend and Baker City. The units are made by Garmin, and are the company's latest aviation and portable GPS technology.

The department uses the aircraft to provide aerial law enforcement from crimes like poaching as well as manage State Fish and Wildlife resources. Sergeant Chris Culp, Chief Pilot of the OSP Fish and Wildlife Division said he hopes the units will make flights safer and more effective.

"These units will replace smaller outdated equipment that was beginning to malfunction," Culp said, "We appreciate the generosity and support of these organizations and their members who want their troopers working in the safest environment possible."

The new GPS units give pilots accurate location information that can be sent to ground resources when investigating certain areas. The units also provide detailed weather reports and forecasts, terrain databases and 3d Vision technology that will provide useful information to the pilots.

The three units, said to have cost over $5,000, were donated by eight Oregon Hunter's Associations and the Traditional Archers of Oregon.